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Cecia - Cabinet d'étude et de conseil en industrie & Agroalimentaire

Brief & detailed preliminary project

• On-site surveys,
• Inclusion of programme elements,
• Study of flows to define the concept suited to the requirements of the programme and the operating constraints,
• Presentation of the solutions devised,
• Estimate of benefits for the selected solution.

Planning permission application

• Collection of governmental requirements and information,
• Preparation of the planning permission application to be filed by the owner.

Contractor inquiries, calls for tenders

• Preparation of the contractor inquiry files based on the separate trades with specifications and plans.

Assistance in the choice of contractors and preparation of the work contracts

• Inquiries to the contractors selected jointly with the owner,
• Comparison of the offers received,
• Organisation of contract allocation meetings,
• Assistance to the owner for the selection of contractors.
• Preparation of work contracts.

Verification of execution plans

• Validation,
• Coordination of the execution plans of the various parties.

Worksite management

• Planning, inspection, coordination, technical details,
• Work management,
• Verification of conformity of the construction to the execution documents and contract stipulations.

Work acceptance

• Pre-acceptance visits, performance inspections, preparation of acceptance reports.
• The project manager helps the owner:
- in the operations prior to the acceptance of work and the preparation of reports,
- in the lifting of finishing qualifications,
- in the acceptance of work.

Assistance for commissioning.

• Commissioning of the work with assistance to the owner.

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