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Cecia - Cabinet d'étude et de conseil en industrie & Agroalimentaire

The solution from CECIA Engineering:
Your project and its objectives and implications.

Anticipating, thinking forward, innovating, setting objectives and taking account of the context….all these are crucial while defining a project. With our experience and commitment to responsiveness and understanding of the customer's needs and our spirit of analysis and creativity, we will help you find concrete industrial and architectural solutions.

The solution from CECIA Engineering:
Your project takes shape

If the project definition phase is crucial, the designing phase that follows it and sometimes accompanies is no less important. Defining and optimising the flows, keeping the project moving, selecting materials, energy and processes - we have the know-how and culture to provide rational, simple, productive and cost-effective solutions.

The solution from CECIA Engineering:
Your project materialises and comes alive.

Advising you to define the services of companies and the regulatory framework, managing the work on the site, assisting you up to acceptance and commissioning. For all these stages, the idea of a partnership will be further enhanced. Our discipline, tenacity, capacity to adapt and method enable us to help you complete your project on time and within budget.

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